What are the Business Benefits of SaaS?

The widespread release of SaaS software over several years has resulted in more and more businesses choosing to explore the possibilities of using these applications for streamlining and improving their business processes. Every year the popularity of these applications increases substantially and more vendors release upgraded versions for businesses to use.

Ease Of Use

SaaS offers a simple means for companies to obtain the applications that are needed for their business and they can be used within minutes of being accessed. Because the applications are web based, the business will not have to install and register the application on multiple computers and a single user will be able to access the application from multiple locations. These applications are typically streamlined to focus on a single process, making the completion of that process much easier than when using general software applications that focus on a wide range of business processes.

Simple Upgrades & Centralized Management

Upgrading SaaS applications requires little to nearly no effort on the part of the business that is using the application. Traditionally, software applications that are installed on a client computer must be routinely upgraded by the end users when patches or new features need to be added to the application. SaaS applications are usually either hosted on the vendor's servers and distributed through the Internet or on the company’s own server and distributed through the Internet or the company intranet. With SaaS, the applications can be upgraded at source and the business will have access to all upgrades as soon as the application is accessed. This can save the business a significant amount of time and ensure that it is always using the latest version of the relevant application.

Adjustable Pricing

SaaS applications allow the business to exert greater control over the amount of expenditure allocated for software needs. Without SaaS a business might have to spend an inordinate amount of money on a complete software suite, licensing for each unit that the software suite will be installed on and fees for an IT professional’s installation services. With SaaS the user can choose single applications and pay for them on a per use or contracted basis. This way, the business only pays for the applications that it needs and, in the case of contractual licenses, the amount of time that it uses them.

Reduction Of Equipment Expenses

When a SaaS application is hosted on the vendor's servers, the use of SaaS software applications can dramatically reduce a business's expenses by eliminating the need for some of the more expensive types of equipment. Less server hardware will be purchased by the business because all of the SaaS applications are hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed through the Internet. This may also reduce the number of client computers that will need to be purchased because the applications can be accessed using literally any device that is Internet accessible.