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Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which your product or service is sold by other active sellers for a share of profits.

This opens up many opportunities for you as the business owner. To maximize the sales revenue, you can actively help your affiliates by providing marketing and support material.


Increase Sales
An attractive affiliate program will allow you to generate far more sales through your independent affiliates than if you were the only one selling your products and services.

An indirect benefit is the feedback you gain from your affiliates. Often, your affiliates' comments and their activity reflects the performance and perceived value of your product or service, allowing you to optimize your offerings to better target your audience.

How Do We Create Value?


An affiliate offer has to be win-win. Presenting that offer as best as possible ensures that affiliates actually decide to sell your product or service actively.

Affiliate Management

Just offering a commission to your prospective affiliates is only part of the deal. We make the proposition more attractive by offering marketing and support material for your affiliates.

Targeted Marketing

Your new affiliate program has to be marketed to gain exposure. Affiliates don't just fall out the sky and ask to sell your products or services. We see the importance of spreading the word to the right audience in order to get results.

You provide the product, others sell it for you. By providing an appealing affiliate package to people you'll increase sales and profits without doing all the hard work yourself.