Flash Design Services

What is Flash and what is it used for?

Adobe Flash has evolved into a popular method for adding interactivity and animation to websites.

Flash animations and applications are designed for a variety of purposes. The most popular implementations of Flash include:

  • Multimedia applications, such as Flash video players or Flash games.
  • Impressive presentations.
  • Advertisements, including a variety of banners or small ad clips.
  • Certain rich Internet applications, for instance product configurators.


Leave a Mark
Well-designed Flash animations can create a strong impression, especially if used at the right place and in a non-intrusive manner.

Increase Interactivity
Flash applications can be used as a business tool that increases user interactivity and, therefore, conversion rates. For example, a car configurator can be designed to better showcase what the actual car would look and feel like, increasing overall lead conversion of prospective customers.

How Do We Create Value?

Crisp Design

The beauty of Flash lies within its core support for vector graphics and animations using these images. This allows for lightweight but high quality animations and applications.

Detail Oriented

Knowing when and how to use Flash can be a challenge. We thoroughly analyze the requirements and design the Flash animation or application in to suit individual needs and specifications.


When we use Flash for rich Internet applications, we strive to follow the same principles we adhere to with the other web applications we create: The best possible user experience.

When the sea has been still for a while our interest is peaked by a sudden rolling tide. If you think your website has a stagnant feel to it, create movement and interest with flash animation.