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SRS' primary focus lies in Internet marketing. Experience in the field has revealed the need for a variety of professional services that help establish online projects and make them as profitable and efficient as possible.

Besides our interest in establishing and growing profitable online projects of our own or those in association with our partners, we offer our professional services to interested parties who seek a leading, cutting-edge service provider.

Design Services

From blueprint to reality. All your design needs catered for, both on and offline

Web Solutions

Where an expert solution exists, there's never a problem. And where a solution doesn't exist, we'll create one. All your web requirements dealt with, and your objectives realized.

Benchmarking & Optimization

In all things harmony. By creating a cohesive relationship between users, processes and systems we release the intrinsic power of the latest technologies to your business's advantage.

Marketing Services

From the identifying of consumer needs, to the publicizing and satisfying of them, we're here to ensure that strong Internet marketing techniques bring your product and services to the forefront of a wider audience's mind.

Writing Services

In the beginning was the word. Language is our primary source of communication and good quality writing, in both the on and offline environs, reflects well on your company. Show your potential clients that yours is a superior business that pays attention to those all important details.


He who never asks learns nothing. A consultation regarding your aims can be a valuable experience both personally and for your business. When we ascertain your online goals we can implement a dependable plan of action to guarantee you achieve them.


We are not an agency that provides its expertise exclusively to its clientele. Instead, we use our professional knowledge on a daily basis for our own projects and joint ventures with our partners. We have the advantage over other companies in that we stay up to date when confronted with the latest technologies, trends and strategies.

Systemized Approach

Our systemized approaches are well-received by our clients and partners. We create our proposals and strategy layouts in a way that lets the client choose which features and action plans are to be implemented. The flexibility of this approach allows our clients to work more effectively with their budgets.