Launch or further online businesses and projects with us.

Want to be part of a new or established online project and take a share of its profits? Whether you want to be actively involved or passively fund the project, we'd like to hear from you.

SRS Solutions is committed to partnering with other businesses, entrepreneurs or investors. Together we can open up a world of possibilities and benefit equally from them.

Our Interests

We strive to mutually launch and grow cutting-edge and profitable online projects of any kind, be they community-driven websites or the promotion of unique products that are sold on the Internet.

We don't limit ourselves to particular types of project, so do approach us with your ideas or expectations and we'll find a solution together.

Our Expertise

Our main area of expertise is Internet marketing and everything associated with it. We strategically plan a project from launch to profitability, and take care of:

  • Budgeting
  • Planning and developing the website
  • Creating a detailed marketing plan
  • Analyzing the results and growing the project to its full potential

Our Strategy

It's the SRS way to support two principal goals with any joint venture or partnership:

1) Plan and optimize projects to regularly generate profits or achieve other business goals.
2) Grow the partnership into one that is a trustworthy, long-term business relationship.