Site Performance Optimization

Site Performance

About SRS Site Performance Optimization

The performance of your website has a significant impact on how your visitors interact when there. We analyze possible causes for slow loading speed of your website, including:

  • Server overload (during spikes of traffic, etc.)
  • Client-side rendering speed
  • HTTP requests

We then propose ways to improve the overall performance of your website and what positive effects they might have. Of course, our goal is to always find the best solution at the best price. For example, when servers are overloaded, it's often much cheaper to optimize the database and the back end scripts than to add new servers to the load-balancing farm.


Lower Bounce Rate
The bounce rate is the percentage of users that leave the site right away or "bounce" away to a different site, without browsing around the pages of your website. Users that connect via a slow connection tend to bounce away within the first few seconds if the website is slow to load. Improving the site performance will essentially lower the average bounce rate.

Higher User Satisfaction
The higher the response of a website, the happier the user will be with it. Of course, overall user satisfaction depends on many other aspects as well, but the performance of your website is crucial to avoid any negative effects that result from the user having to wait too long for the site to respond.

How Do We Create Value?

Minimize HTTP Requests

Sometimes there are numerous requests generated due to the high number of images, JavaScript inclusions, CSS or multimedia files. We make an effort to minimize the total number of HTTP requests so that the site loads quickly for new and returning visitors alike.


We can also analyze your server infrastructure and configuration to possibly find hardware or software that drain your resources. In addition, our analysis can highlight whether it is advisable to switch from a shared server to a dedicated server, or when to add additional servers to the load-balancing farm.

Server-side Processing

If you deploy a web application or a script that often writes to and reads from a database, even small changes to the database or the server-side script can make significant changes to the overall performance of your application. We normalize databases and optimize scripts so they use minimal memory.

The ball's in our court when it comes to your site's bounce rate. We maximize your website's performance to give your visitors a smooth, problem-free online experience. High quality site performance = satisfied visitors who'll enjoy being with you and come back time and time again.