Fionn - Free WordPress Theme

Fionn - The Free WordPress Theme

Fionn is a free WordPress theme. Simple, elegant, accessible and customizable.


  • Fully tested in and optimized for IE6+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Safari and Chrome.
  • Very clean and lightweight design.
  • Background color and menu buttons can be changed easily from within the admin panel.
  • Lots of other configuration options to make this theme work for you.

Current Version: 1.0

Fionn Free WordPress Theme


  • Fionn can now be downloaded from our website.

  • Fionn has been rejected to be included in the WordPress theme directory by the WordPress team. They are not very open to negotiate and we believe they get rather selective about the authors of theme (Fionn has been funded by a client of ours whose link is placed in the footer). We will make Fionn available for download on our website next week. Thank you for your patience.

  • Fionn has been officially released to the public community of WordPress. SRS Solution maintains the theme. It will be available on later today.


  • Do you offer free support for this theme?
  • What languages does Fionn support?
  • How does the sidebar work?
  • I want to help and make this theme available in my language. How do I translate the theme properly?
  • I need help changing something in Fionn. Where can I find support?
  • Is Fionn really free?
  • Do you offer free support for this theme?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the time and resources to offer free support for this theme. If you have encountered a bug that can be traced back to Fionn, we will certainly take care of that immediately. However, if you require basic support for your blog and/or on how to customize certain elements of Fionn, please ask the WordPress community or in web developer forums. SRS Solutions only offers paid support.

  • What languages does Fionn support?

    We rely heavily on volunteers to translate Fionn into other languages and update existing languages to the latest version. If you are interested to support the project, please translate Fionn into your own language.

  • How does the sidebar work?

    The sidebar is divided into four sections, each of which represents one widget bar. The following widget bars are available: Sidebar Top, Sidebar Left, Sidebar Right and Sidebar Bottom. These widget bars are all laid out within the sidebar as you can see in the picture on the right.

    This layout give you the flexibility to choose how to put together your widget bars.

    If you intend to customize the sidebar itself, please refer to the Fionn options page, where you can set the position and other parameters of the sidebar.

  • I want to help and make this theme available in my language. How do I translate the theme properly?

    Translation is rather easy. Please follow the steps below to translate the project into your own language.

    1. Download and install Poedit (availabe for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux).
    2. Open Poedit. Click on File > New catalog from POT file... and select the default.POT file in the /languages directory of Fionn (from the WordPress root: wp-content\themes\fionn\languages).
    3. Poedit will ask for some information regarding the new catalog you are about to create. Most important: Select the language that you will create. In addition, you can specify the Fionn version that your translation applies to. The other fields are optional. There is no need to go to the other two tabs Paths or Keywords.
    4. Click OK. Poedit will then ask you to save the translated file. Save it as a valid language file. This is usually <language abbreviation>_<country code>, whereas the language abbreviation is defined in ISO 639-1 and the country code is defined in ISO 3166 alpha 2. Example: en_GB (English, Great Britain), en_US (English, United States) or de_DE (German, Germany).
    5. Once saved, all you need to do is translate each and every string by clicking on it, and translating it in the box on the very bottom of Poedit.
    6. Save the catalog by pressing CTRL + S or going to File > Save. Poedit will automatically create a .po and a .mo file.
    7. That's it. We would appreciate if you shared your newly translated catalog with us (the .po file will be sufficient). We will make it publicly available in the next Fionn release. Thank you.
  • I need help changing something in Fionn. Where can I find support?

    If the changes you require may be of interest to other users of Fionn, you can contact us and see if we will include your suggestion as a new feature in a future release.

  • Is Fionn really free?

    Fionn is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 and therefore considered free software. You may use Fionn for any purpose but you may not make Fionn into your own proprietary software.

Version History

  • 1.0
    • Rolled out the first public version of the theme.