Arjuna - Free WordPress Theme

Arjuna - The Free WordPress Theme

Arjuna is a free WordPress theme. Arjuna stands for elegance, accessibility, and attention to detail. We have put a great deal in optimizing its ins and outs.


  • Fully tested in and optimized for IE7+, Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, Safari and Chrome.
  • Different header and footer options.
  • Native pagination.
  • Lots of configuration options to make this theme work for you.

Arjuna Free WordPress Theme


  • Arjuna has been downloaded more than 80,000 times now and still ranks #1 on

  • Arjuna has made it. We have reached rank #1 with over 10,000 downloads in the first week on the Most Popular themes list.

  • Arjuna has finally been released on A number of issues have arisen since the release and we are working hard on resolving all of these issues as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

  • The release of Arjuna has been delayed by the team over at Unfortuantely, we had not been informed on time about the issues that came up during approval. We are trying our best to sort everything with the WordPress team out and get the theme published as soon as possible.

  • Arjuna has been officially released to the public community of WordPress. It will be available on later today.


  • Do you offer free support for this theme?
  • What languages does Arjuna support?
  • How do I add my own logo in the header?
  • How does the sidebar work?
  • How do I enable pagination for WordPress posts?
  • I want to help and make this theme available in my language. How do I translate the theme properly?
  • I need help changing something in Arjuna. Where can I find support?
  • Is Arjuna really free?
  • Do you offer free support for this theme?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the time and resources to offer free support for this theme. If you have encountered a bug that can be traced back to Arjuna, we will certainly take care of that immediately. However, if you require basic support for your blog and/or on how to customize certain elements of Arjuna, please ask the WordPress community or in web developer forums. SRS Solutions only offers paid support.

  • What languages does Arjuna support?

    Currently, Arjuna has been translated into these languages:

    • Brazilian
    • Chinese
    • Czech
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Hungarian
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Lithuanian
    • Norwegian
    • Polish
    • Romanian
    • Slovak
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Turkish
    • Russian
    • Hebrew
    • Danish

    We rely heavily on volunteers to translate Arjuna into other languages and update existing languages to the latest version. If you are interested to support the project, please translate Arjuna into your own language.

  • How do I add my own logo in the header?

    Arjuna does currently not allow you to upload your own logo and have it inserted in the header automatically. This has several reasons. For once, Arjuna fully supports IE6 as of this day and to make logos look smooth in the header, they would need to be PNG transparent. GIFs are an option but they look jagged, which is definitely not desirable for a logo.

  • How does the sidebar work?

    The sidebar is divided into four sections, each of which represents one widget bar. The following widget bars are available: Sidebar Top, Sidebar Left, Sidebar Right and Sidebar Bottom. These widget bars are all laid out within the sidebar as you can see in the picture on the right.

    This layout give you the flexibility to choose how to put together your widget bars.

    If you intend to customize the sidebar itself, please refer to the Arjuna options page, where you can set the position and other parameters of the sidebar.

  • How do I enable pagination for WordPress posts?

    As of version 1.2, Arjuna has native support for pagination of posts. However, you can disable the native pagination and use either of these two publicly available plugins for WordPress: wp-paginate and wp-pagenavi.

  • I want to help and make this theme available in my language. How do I translate the theme properly?

    Translation is rather easy. Please follow the steps below to translate the project into your own language.

    1. Download and install Poedit (availabe for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux).
    2. Open Poedit. Click on File > New catalog from POT file... and select the default.POT file in the /languages directory of Arjuna (from the WordPress root: wp-content\themes\Arjuna\languages).
    3. Poedit will ask for some information regarding the new catalog you are about to create. Most important: Select the language that you will create. In addition, you can specify the Arjuna version that your translation applies to. The other fields are optional. There is no need to go to the other two tabs Paths or Keywords.
    4. Click OK. Poedit will then ask you to save the translated file. Save it as a valid language file. This is usually <language abbreviation>_<country code>, whereas the language abbreviation is defined in ISO 639-1 and the country code is defined in ISO 3166 alpha 2. Example: en_GB (English, Great Britain), en_US (English, United States) or de_DE (German, Germany).
    5. Once saved, all you need to do is translate each and every string by clicking on it, and translating it in the box on the very bottom of Poedit.
    6. Save the catalog by pressing CTRL + S or going to File > Save. Poedit will automatically create a .po and a .mo file.
    7. That's it. We would appreciate if you shared your newly translated catalog with us (the .po file will be sufficient). We will make it publicly available in the next Arjuna release. Thank you.
  • I need help changing something in Arjuna. Where can I find support?

    If the changes you require may be of interest to other users of Arjuna, you can contact us and see if we will include your suggestion as a new feature in a future release.

  • Is Arjuna really free?

    Arjuna is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 and therefore considered free software. You may use Arjuna for any purpose but you may not make Arjuna into your own proprietary software.


  • 1.Written by Dennis Barker
    After much experimentation,I have settled
    Awesome theme. Great look & easy to use. Anyone can use it with pleasure.

    Glad to use this awesome theme. :)
  • 3.Written by Neil McNerney
    Very pleased with Arjuna! I'm using it on a couple of sites: for instance. Is there a way to remove the permalink banner on each page (white, rounded edges at the top of each body of the page)? I noticed in google analytics that many people click that link, which only brings them back to that page.

    Also, is there any way to remove the search bar in the header?
  • 4.Written by Josemen
    I am starting this wonderful world of blogging and can say that I'ma big fortunate in being able to use a magnificent theme already in my first blog!.

    Wow, just came here to share my hack of version Arunja 1.3.9 to get that user-style.css file business out of the way (totally incompatible with WP 3.0 in MS mode) when I notice there is a new version 1.5 available... And what do you know? Taking a quick look at the code I see you already did the same :)

    Great work! Why not publish it
    Absolutely love this theme!! It is perfect for my use. Thanks so much!
  • 7.Written by PS

    Is there any way this can be made to work with buddypress? Do you have any plans to write a bp compliant version?
  • 8.Written by Garth Penglase
    Thanks for your work... using it and liking it. Looking forward to being able to show excerpts under categories.
  • 9.Written by Kent
    This is amongst the best wordpress themes I have ever seen. Thank you for the good job and keep them coming! :)
  • 10.Written by balaganoff
    Thank you for the excellent theme!
    It is like a beautiful and austere design, a lot of theme options.
    Thanks again!
  • 11.Written by Zunkel
    I wanna thank you guys for this amazing theme :) keep up the good work :)
  • 12.Written by Inspired by emma
    Just wanted to say that this is one of the most beautiful free wordpress theme's... well done! I'm very impressed so far!!!
  • 13.Written by plur
    Doh! Disregard my previous question. I stumbled across the Anjuna Options panel and got it changes. Nicely laid out theme! You should be proud.
  • 14.Written by plur
    Amazing theme! Very sleek, clean, and easy
    Very clean and classy - great work
  • 16.Written by Laura Terbrack
    Just wanted to say how much I like this theme! I've finally got my new blog looking the way I want. Everything worked as expected in all the browsers I tested. Well Done!
  • 17.Written by Gordon
    I downloaded this template today and found a problem with it - the footer was floating directly below the header. I emailed support and within 5 minutes got a response from Sebastian. He then spent at least 15 minutes sorting the problem for me - the SPWeather plugin caused it.

    Can you ask for better service from a free template?

    Thank you for your help. Top class theme template and top class service - I will definitely recommend you !
  • 18.Written by Bang Dje
    It's great. Everything I need is there. I do a little modification. Very little just to make sure it is just as I am. Almost the best theme I ever used. Really a great job.
  • 19.Written by paolo
    Great, Great job.

    It worked without problem even on a double language blog like mine.

  • 20.Written by Kym
    Thanks ... that did the trick. It's easy when you know how isn't it!
  • 21.Written by Kym
    Great theme! I am able to change my header image easily using the custom CSS hint above, but, as my preferred header image is dark I would like to change the color of the blog title and tagline to white, using a similar piece of custom CSS. I can't get this to work, I can even change the background color of the blog name to blue, just not the color of the text itself.

    • Reply by SRS Solutions
      Please include the following CSS rules in your custom CSS:

      .headerMain h1 a,
      .headerMain h1 a:visited,
      .headerMain h1 a:hover,
      .headerMain span {

      That should do the trick.
  • 22.Written by Jim
    There are certain capabilities that I believe must be included in every WordPress theme. First is page and category menu choices. Too many themes cannot even show sub-pages or sub-categories.

    The next is at least two page templates; one with sidebars and one without. iframes, libraries, archives, advertising pitches and biographies are all examples of pages that look better without sidebars. Why do so many designers forget that?

    Your theme is clean and efficient and extremely well written. It is one of the best among a small handful of truly useful free themes.

    I am only surprised by two small questions; why not allow excerpts on the first page and excerpts or even just titles on category and archive searches, and why can't we play with the colors? But these are not large issues.

    Well done. Your designing and programming has swept you past the WordPress hoard and placed you in the elite.
    • Reply by SRS Solutions
      The suggestion on allowing just excerpts or even only titles on archive and search pages is a feature we have on our list already. We intend to implement so-called "condensed" search results pages and while we are at, allow the same functionality for archive pages. So this is definitely something that will be included in the future.

      Now as for the colors, that is usually customization of the theme and can therefore be easily done using CSS. If the images need to have different colors, then this is currently only done by redesigning/restyling. We can do that, of course.

      While it is a fine idea to implement some kind of an automatic color switcher, it would be difficult and time-consuming to create such a feature. As you know, this is free software and we are not paid for the development, maintenance and support of it. Therefore, we have to set our priorities and cannot take this into account in the near future, unless, of course, we find someone who is willing to fund the development of this particular feature.
  • 23.Written by Fatih
    After translating the language file into new language and save as new language file as described in FAQ, how new language can be activated?
    • Reply by SRS Solutions
      You would have to set WordPress to use your language. This can be done in the wp-config.php file in your WordPress root folder. Find the following line:

      define ('WPLANG', '');

      and specify your language, for example:

      define ('WPLANG', 'de_DE');
  • 24.Written by Zephyr
    The theme is wonderful.
    Could you add a option of adding two buttons "in the article" such as "next article" or
    "last article"Sometimes that's useful.
    • Reply by SRS Solutions
      The theme is really nice
      Does this theme support adding advertisement code like adsense?
      • Reply by SRS Solutions
        Great theme! IMHO need just some small fix to be perfect: in the sidebar it should be possible to avoid the mandatory show of "Browse by tags", "Categories" and "Recent posts". Not always they are suitable for blogs. Also the two-coumn split in the sidebar should be optional (a more classic single column could be welcome). The IE6 optimization, right now in X 1.1, cuts the page after the equivalent of 16 rows of the topmost article (if the sidebar is longer, it's cutted too).
        • Reply by SRS Solutions
          If you could point out which files changed in the new versions of the theme, that would be fantastic for manual upgrades! Some of us have made alterations to the template files and css to display custom elements. (Relatively minor ones but it's good to know before overwriting all that hard work!)

          Your support is greatly appreciated, this is a fantastic theme and I look forward to making use of it with full functionality.
          • Reply by SRS Solutions
            I like the design, but it's a bit disturbing that bold text is not shown bold. Could that be changed?
            • Reply by SRS Solutions
              I managed to do this with a simple plugin for now, but inbuild support is of course much better.

              I can only echo what Gary said before me: Support for bold/italic and bullet points would be an absolute must-have! Unfortunately I didn't notice that the theme did not have this until I fully swapped to it.
            • 31.Written by Peter
              I would love a feature in the control panel that enables me to exclude certain pages (or categories) from the header menus.
              • Reply by SRS Solutions
                Interesting theme, I would like to see a header image as well as sizing for the different Header options as well as bullet points for the lists. Any chance of getting those added?
              • 33.Written by Liuyue
                Great theme. But I found this theme is not in Chinese. I can translate it. Do you need that?
              • 34.Written by scott bintz
                Great template!!! can you tell me how I can add a header image?
              • 35.Written by Armin
                Hi, I really like the stylish design of your theme and the very friendly way communicating with me. Thx again.... Armin
              • 36.Written by BaRoN!
                Hi! Very pleasant theme, can't realise why it got low rating at
                However, there's a minor trouble with it: it ignores date&time; format specified in Wordpress options. It's extremely important for russian blogs (if they aim to be grammatically correct in specifying dates), so I usually fix themes myself. And sure will make a local fix for your theme, too :)

                But I wanted to let you know about this issue, maybe helping future users as well :)

Version History

  • 1.7.1
    • New: Arjuna now supports two sidebars.
    • Change: Improved threaded comment display.
    • Change: Added basic HTML formatting for comments.
    • Change: Rendering behavior of blockquotes. Line breaks should now act as they appear in the theme editor.
    • Fix: Issue where comments would sometimes not show.
    • Fix: UI issues on the admin page.
    • Localization: Danish has been added.
  • 1.6.11
    • Fix: Menu dropdown depth was not taken into account when custom WP menus were used, but no menu was defined, and therefore the Arjuna fallback was used.
    • Fix: Deleted console.log entries in default.js, preventing some plugins or JavaScript code to malfunction in browsers that don't support this.
    • Localization: Updated translation files to include the Twitter widget, navigation menus, and sidebars.
  • 1.6.10
    • New: Added two new color schemes: Regimental blue and bristol blue.
    • New: Search field can now be positioned on the top right corner of the header.
    • Fix: Extended RSS button could not be disabled.
    • Fix: RSS label was not styled.
    • Fix: Comment forms inner labels and minor functionality did not work as expected.
    • Change: Home Button now also included when using Custom Wordpress Menus but no menu has been assigned in Appearance > Menus.
    • Change: Optimized all color schemes (header and footer graphics).
  • 1.6.7
    • Fix: The feature "Visually separate the menu buttons" did not work.
  • 1.6.6
    • Change: Switched to HTML 5.
    • Change: Improved display of nested comments.
    • Fix: Bug where PHP would report a fatal error "Only variables can be passed by reference.
    • Fix: Sidebar buttons could not be disabled.
    • Fix: RSS, twitter and facebook icons appeared on the sidebar in random places.
    • Fix: Tabbed Widgets plugin did not work because of missing identifiers in sidebar widgets.
    • Fix: Most buttons and icons were displayed incorrectly.
    • Fix: Display issues on comments/trackbacks header.
    • Localization: Japanese has been updated to 1.6.x
    • Localization: German has been updated to 1.6.x
  • 1.6.5
    • New: Now fully compatible with WordPress 3.1, including support for custom menus.
    • New: Sidebar width can now be controlled via the admin.
    • New: Restrutured templates for more flexible overriding using WP child themes.
    • New: Built-in support for twitter, showing recent tweets in a sidebar widget.
    • New: The search can now be turned of. Useful for static websites that don't use posts.
    • New: LinkedIn button added to sidebar buttons.
    • New: Extended RSS button added to sidebar buttons, allowing users to choose between various available RSS feeds depending on the context.
    • New: Labels for sidebar buttons can now be modified.
    • New: Copright notice can now be modified.
    • New: Bother header menus now expand to up to 5 lines to accommodate for large lists of menu items.
    • New: Added new color schemes: Purple, Light Gray, and Dark Gray.
    • New: Automatic image resizing, if image is too large for the viewport.
    • Change: Improved cosmetic issues in footer for various color schemes.
    • Fix: Implemented additional security in admin page.
    • Fix: Removing tabs and traces of comments/trackbacks when this feature is enabled now works properly.
    • Fix: Info bar still appeared on search results pages, even if set disabled in admin.
    • Fix: Selecting a solid color for the background did not work in some setups.
    • Fix: Minor display issues with Arjuna pagination.
    • Fix: Minor inconsistencies with the display of posts in search results pages, archive pages, and the homepage.
    • Fix: IE6 transparency issues in header.
    • Fix: Comments disappeared on pages.
    • Fix: IE7 header menu bug.
    • Fix: Issues with icons appearing when a lot of tags or categories were used for certain posts/pages.
    • Localization: Hebrew (1.5.3) added.
  • 1.5.3
    • Localization: German has been updated to 1.5.3
    • Localization: Polish has been updated to 1.5
  • 1.5.2
    • New: The excerpts feature can now be individually set for author pages as well.
    • Fix: The excerpts feature was not working correctly for archive pages, search pages and category/tag pages.
    • Fix: STRONG and EM tags in comments had not been formatted correctly.
    • Fix: The state of the admin panel "Single Posts & Pages" was not saved properly.
    • Fix: Some minor changes in the backend to comply with new WordPress theme review regulations.
  • 1.5.1
    • Fix: Some images extended to full width, resulting in a distorted look.
  • 1.5
    • New: Arjuna now supports a feature to select between a few blog background styles as well as allowing you to set a solid background color. The lighter background is most welcomed to anyone who found the old background a tad too dark.
    • New: The permalink to a comment is now included.
    • New: The second header menu can now be disabled.
    • New: Support for excerpts has been added. In addition, if full posts are shown on selected pages the read more button will no longer be displayed.
    • New: The homepage and all archive pages now include the post ID anchors, allowing external feeds to access specific posts using URL anchors in the form of #post-XYZ.
    • New: The footer style now matches the header style. Check out the Background & Color Schemes panel in Arjuna Options.
    • New: Added a new header color scheme (Light Red).
    • New: You can now upload a custom logo to the header.
    • New: Post pagination is now fully supported. You can now split your posts in pages and Arjuna will render the pagination on its own.
    • New: Comments are separated from trackbacks using a tab navigation.
    • New: The display of categories and tags can now be disabled on index pages.
    • New: The theme now displays a notice to IE6 users to update their browser. This will ensure that this ancient browser is rolled out further as the experience is far better with modern browsers.
    • Change: The title bars of blog posts are now entirely clickable.
    • Change: Dropped support for IE6 full optimization. IE6 is still supported, but the performance optimization previously offered by Arjuna is not.
    • Change: Improved and rearranged the Arjuna options panel.
    • Change: Custom CSS styles are now included in HTML style tags. The user-style.css file will no longer be created and used.
    • Change: The default text color is a little darker than before, improving readability.
    • Change: In the Arjuna options panel, parent-child relationships between categories and pages are now visible for the include/exclude feature.
    • Change: Minor design changes to left and right widget bars in the sidebar.
    • Fix: Text widgets in the sidebar did not support correct rendering of STRONG and EM elements.
    • Fix: Images in posts that are larger than the available space are now scaled down proportionally instead of cut off.
    • Fix: There was some whitespace in the sidebar if only the Sidebar Bottom widget bar was filled with widgets.
    • Fix: Fixed some minor IE issues.
    • Localization: Japanese (1.3.5) has been added.
  • 1.3.9
    • Fix: Pagination was not included on category pages and other archive pages.
    • Localization: Swedish (1.3.5) has been added.
  • 1.3.8
    • Localization: Dutch (1.3.7) has been added.
    • Localization: Italian has been updated to 1.3.7.
    • Localization: Hungarian has been updated to 1.3.7.
    • Localizatoin: German has been improved.
  • 1.3.7
    • Change: The include and exclude boxes are now larger in height, making it less awkward to work with a lot of categories/pages.
    • Fix: Added better support for WPML when excluding pages or categories in the menus. Arjuna now excludes translated versions of selected pages/categories as well.
    • Fix: Normalized comment form so that certain plugins, notably Tango Smileys Extended, are working properly.
  • 1.3.6
    • Change: Improved the admin options page of Arjuna to allow users to browse through the many options more easily.
    • Localization: German has been updated to 1.3.5.
    • Localization: Chinese has been updated to 1.3.5.
  • 1.3.5
    • Localization: Romanian (1.3.4) has been added.
    • Localization: French has been updated to 1.3.3.
    • Fix: Pagination did not work for posts (only pages). Note: The pagination for posts and pages is not formatting like the comment pagination and the native archive page pagination of Arjuna. This is mostly due to some WordPress limitations. If the community would greatly appreciate if this feature be fully implemented, please vote for it on our roadmap.
  • 1.3.4
    • Fix: The default setup with the sidebar having a normal width and being on the right caused issues with the display.
  • 1.3.3
    • Localization: German has been updated to 1.3.
    • Localization: Brazilian has been updated to 1.3.2.
    • Change: Improved the display of numbered and bulleted lists. Nested lists now show different list styles to help separate them visually. In addition, the margins have been altered slightly.
  • 1.3.2
    • Localization: Italian has been updated to 1.3.
    • Fix: The new exclude pages/categories feature had some errors.
  • 1.3
    • New: It's now possible to hide comments completely, including the Comments section and the buttons, if comments are disabled for posts or pages.
    • New: You can now exclude pages and categories from both header menus. It's pretty basic right now due a number of limitations imposed by the default WordPress functions. Therefore, the admin currently doesn't show any hierarchy information, but it should suffice for most purposes for now.
    • New: You can now disable the info bar of static pages. This will render the title of static WordPress pages without the author name and the date it has been published. (Note: The info bar is turned off by default now!)
    • New: Added a Facebook button to the sidebar button collection.
    • New: You can now disable the labels next to the sidebar buttons (for the RSS, Twitter and Facebook button).
    • New: Added two new header colors, Sea Green and Khaki.
    • Change: The comment pagination has finally been implemented properly. It does not display any longer if no comment pages are available or if comment pagination has been disabled.
    • Change: Added a few additional checks for the twitter URL.
    • Change: Changed the background color of the pagination bar on top of the posts to fit slightly better than the previous grayish background.
    • Change: The names of the widget bars of the sidebar have been changed. Note: This might mean that you need to reassign your widgets if you are upgrading Arjuna.
    • Fix: Bullet lists and numbered lists in the content of posts rendered with no white space below them.
    • Fix: Some international blogs with a language that has characters not part of the standard ASCII table seemed to cause major rendering issues in several browsers, mostly Internet Explorer. Arjuna is now encoded in UTF-8.
    • Localization: Slovak (1.2) has been added.
  • 1.2.5
    • Localization: Hungarian (1.2) has been added.
    • Fix: The fix for the lightbox in 1.2.4 has caused the previous bug in 1.1.3, where a dropdown in the first header menu would appear behind the second header menu, to reappear again.
  • 1.2.4
    • Localization: Turkish (1.2) has been added.
    • Localization: Italian has been updated to 1.2.3.
    • Fix: The header does not appear above any Lightbox 2 layers anymore.
    • Fix: A weird space character at the very beginning of the header.php file caused a bunch of issues, especially with Internet Explorer.
  • 1.2.3
    • Fix: The Edit in Admin button still appeared on pages even if you are not logged in.
    • Fix: When IE6 optimization was turned on, the new navigation links within single posts did not render properly.
    • Fix: The Edit in Admin button in IE6 was messed up.
  • 1.2.1
    • Fix: The Edit in Admin button always appeared even if nobody was logged in. It now only appears if you are logged in into the WordPress admin.
    • Fix: If you chose to display pages in the second header menu, the items could not be sorted in descending order. Instead Arjuna always switched back to ascending.
    • Fix: Some minor bugs in the admin.
    • Localizations: German and French have been updated.
  • 1.2
    • New: Native support for pagination has been added.
    • New: It's now possible to enable links to previous and next posts on permalink pages, i.e. the URL where one single post/page is displayed.
    • New: The RSS button in the sidebar can now be disabled.
    • New: Arjuna now integrates a simple Twitter icon, which will appear right next to the RSS icon in the sidebar.
    • Localization: Czech (1.2) has been added.
    • Localization: Lithuanian, Spanish, French, Brazilian, and German have been updated to 1.2.
    • Change: The custom CSS now also works even if Arjuna has no write permissions to the theme directory. The CSS rules will be included in the HTML HEAD. This ensures maximum compatibility with a variety of setups.
    • Change: Some minor performance optimizations.
    • Fix: When the display of time in posts is disabled in the admin, the date would inaccurately append the time without any space or words in between.
    • Fix: When the date format of comments was set to the default date format (showing a date instead of the elapsed time), the date was not correctly translated by WordPress. This only occured in non-English WordPress installations.
    • Fix: When users had to be logged in to post a comment, the sidebar would be placed below the whole post.
    • Fix: There had been some IE6 bugs since version 1.1.3, that appeared with and without IE6 optimization enabled.
  • 1.1.4
    • Localization: Brazilian has been updated to 1.1.3.
    • Fix: When displaying the elapsed time of a comment, there was an error with handling time zones. That way, some comments showed a negative number of seconds.
    • Fix: The feature to add custom CSS is now only enabled if the application has sufficient write permissions to create a user-style.css file.
  • 1.1.3
    • New: It's now possible to add your custom CSS rules via the admin. This will ensure that your custom CSS is not overwritten when you update Arjuna automatically.
    • New: Posts and pages can now show not only the date but also the time of when the post/page has been published.
    • New: Included support for H1 tags in posts.
    • Localization: Brazilian has been added.
    • Localization: German has been added.
    • Localization: French has been updated.
    • Localization: Spanish has been updated.
    • Change: Optimized Arjuna for SEO purposes. The titles of single pages/posts are now H1 tags, while the titles on archive pages remain in H2 elements.
    • Change: Updated .POT localization file.
    • Fix: Full-width page templates still did not work properly on some setups.
    • Fix: If an item in the first header menu had a dropdown of more than four items, then the dropdown would get cut at the bottom.
    • Fix: Modified some minor things in header.php to make it W3C compliant.
  • 1.1.2
    • Localization: French has been added.
    • Localization: Italian has been updated.
    • Change: Designed the Edit link to look similar to the other buttons.
    • Change: Updated .POT file.
    • Fix: When using Arjuna with WPML, the Home link would always link to the default language (the WordPress root). It now displays the localized home.
    • Fix: When some IE8 browsers emulate IE6 for compatibility reasons and Arjuna was set to use IE6 optimization, the website's layout would have some issues.
  • 1.1.1
    • New: It's now possible to disable default widgets in the sidebar when the widget bars are empty. This allows for more flexibility in choosing which sidebars to use. For example, you can now disable default widgets and exclusively use the two-column or single-column sidebar, if you wish so.
    • New: Added default styles for headings in posts (heading 2 to 4).
    • Change: Improved the backend and the way options are retrieved.
    • Fix: When some IE7 browsers emulate IE6 for compatibility reasons and Arjuna was set to use IE6 optimization, the website's layout would have some issues.
    • Fix: Full-width pages did not work any longer for layouts other than the Arjuna default.
  • 1.1
    • New: The first header menu can now be extended over two rows of links.
    • New: The buttons in the second header menu can now be visually separated.
    • New: You can now select between two different header images. More will become available in the future. NOTE: As of this version, the layout and structure of the header has undergone significant changes.
    • New: The Home button in the second header bar can now be disabled. In addition, the Home button shows an icon now.
    • Localization: Chinese has been added.
    • Localization: Italian has been updated.
    • Change: Optimized JavaScript and reduced its file size.
    • Fix: There were some non-localized strings in functions.php as well as some that PoEdit could not parse properly.
    • Fix: If pagination is provided by the plugin "WP-paginate", it did not work correctly on archive pages.
    • Fix: Bold text, italic text and lists (ordered and unordered) within a post did not display correctly.
    • Fix: A two-level dropdown menu in a left-aligned first header menu was displaying incorrectly.
    • Fix: IE6 displayed a considerably larger font size for widget bars that used the default font size, e.g. the WP calendar.
  • 1.0.5
    • New: It's now possible to display the author of a post in the post header.
    • Change: Changed the display of dates to use the default date format specified in Settings > General instead of using a theme-based, localized date format. This allows for grammatically correct date formats in languages other than English where there is no translation available for Arjuna yet.
    • Localization: Italian has been added.
    • Localization: Lithuanian has been added.
  • 1.0.4
    • Fix: The bug from version 1.0.2 introduced another bug. We reverted the bug. Please refer to the note in the README.txt file.
  • 1.0.3
    • Fix: There were some issues with the sidebars when widget bars are deactivated.
    • Fix: When the first header menu had been disabled, the space between the header and the content would have been twice as large.
    • Fix: In the admin, when you selected custom for "Append to page title" and left the field empty, it would use the old value again. Arjuna now does not append anything.
    • Fix: In admin, disabling the IE6 optimization feature was not possible.
    • Fix: When the first header menu was displayed in IE6, the second header menu was slightly shifted upwards.
    • Fix: The bottom of the sidebar in IE6 rendered a small part of the RSS icon.
    • Fix: If the content of a widget bar in the sidebar explicitly extended over the width of the sidebar, e.g. in the case of an image, the sidebar in IE6 would break completely.
  • 1.0.2
    • Fix: There was a small issue with the header bars where they would overrun the header area if too many items were shown.
  • 1.0
    • Rolled out the first public version of the theme.